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 Paths to get Exp

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PostSubject: Paths to get Exp   Tue May 25, 2010 9:33 pm

There are many diffrent ways to get EXP all of which are listed below, have fun.

Spotting a typo
If you spot a typo send a PM to The Gods, Raina Aendryr or Alvertis Delvium and you will be awarded 100 experiance points.

Inviting your friends, family or total stranges will give you 250 experiance points but only if they join, you must PM The Gods, Raina Aendryr or Alvertis Delvium with the character name of the person who joined and we will be checking Very Happy

Coming up with ideas that we like and can be added into the RP rather it be a new area, a new item, a new race or a plot idea will gain you 1000 experiance points, but we gotta like the idea so make it a good one!

Buying a t-shirt or other merchindise will give you a whopping 10000 experiance points for each item bought! WOW! (this feature not yet availible)
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Paths to get Exp
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