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 Quests for all levels

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PostSubject: Quests for all levels   Tue May 25, 2010 8:03 pm

These are the diffrent quests that can be done to gain experiance, now remember this is not the only way to gain lvling experiance, this page also shows what level is needed in order to access a quest. Warning: taking Alt Objectives will give you an 'Evil' moral and it will take twice as many good deeds to get back to good.

level: 1 - 15
Accessed at: Level 1
Recomended Level: 5

Orcs Gold:
Experiance Gained: 100
Start at: Alexandria Armory
if you are an Orc you must accumulate the amount shown in gold
"Those Orcs are stealing to much gold from travelers, caravans and small villages, we have to get some back and i think your the perfect person for the job, i want you to sneak into an Orc camp and steal 1000 gold from them by any means nessecary, good luck!"
Objected: Gain 1000 gold while in an Orc Camp
Hint: Them Orcs wont pay you much attention if you manage to get and wear some of their clothing, Pick-Pocket is a good Skill to know.

Day At The Beach
Experiance Gained: 100
Start At: Losola Beach
"The Mer-people have discovered a strange sunken ship, upon trying to investigate this ship one of them became enraged and attacked his fellow companions, he is still there guarding whatever it is that has currupted him, knock this crazed mer-person unconcious by any means, find out what has currupted him and destroy it then bring the unconcious mer-person back to Mavae as oon as you can"
Objective: Save the Mer-person and destroy the currupting source
Alt Objective: Take the Currupting Source and destroy the currupted Mer-person
Hint: The Amulet of the Mermaid is very pretty

Getting Pelted
Experiance Gained: 100
Start At: Ravenloft Threift Store
"We are running low on Wolf Pelts, would you mind going and hunting down a few wolves? they have been spotted mostly in Mineriv Forest, becausefull however for word has it that Mineriv Forest is the pack lands of a very viscious pack of wolves, in addition i will pay you 50 gold for each wolf pelt brought back after you compleat my quest"
Objective: Hunt down, kill and skin five (5) wolves
Hint: heat makes the fur corse and stinky

level:15 - 35
Accessed at: level 15
Recomended Level: 20

Experiance Gained: 450
Start At: Nuvant Town Hall
"Zombies are attacking the village of Ravenloft! quick rush over there and take them out! make sure that no one gets eatten and if you can, find out whats causing the dead to rise, becarefull adventuerer! these rotting corpses may look brittle but they are more then a hand full"
Objective: Defend the town untill day break, Find the cause of the walking dead
Hint: "uugg hoooooooooot!" theres a reason why Frankenstiens Monster shyed away fire.
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Quests for all levels
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