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 Magic spells

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PostSubject: Magic spells   Mon May 24, 2010 3:29 pm

This is a list of magical spells and what level you are allowed to learn them, keep in mind that you CANNOT learn two contridicting spells, which means if you learn fire you cannot learn water or ice, if you learn a light spell you cannot learn a dark one, light and dark spells will be explained here in as well, this first list gives the level and what you can have or learn at that level, also a list of spells will follow and tell what type they are rather arcane (dark) or good (light), some spell branchs will have both light and dark spells, this is the ONLY time a player is allowed to have both a light and a dark spell.

lvl 1-10

This is a minor spell that allows the user to conjor up a small flame, where as it will not take down an enemy right away it can be very usefull if used repeatedly or if the user wants to start a campfire.

A vurtually useless spell because it does little to no damage to anything other then fire based creatures, this spell allows the user to summon moister out of the air and form about two gallons of water, its very usefull if one is thirsty but otherwise pretty much useless at this level.

This spell allows the user to control small amounts of light breezes but otherwise another usless spell at this level unless your hot on those summer days.

This Spell allows the user to use the ground itself as a sheild of sorts in order block small attacks such as punchs are sometimes a fire spell, its most effective against the water spell.

This spell allows the user to create a small electrical charge that will serverly shock the enemy but not kill them, Spark may cause a fire on its target.

This spell allows the user to heal minor wounds but at this level the spell is to weak to really heal anything major but can be usefull when using after small fights.

lvl 10-20

This spell allows the user to use a more powerfull fire attack, the heat emited from this spell is twice as hot as the level 1 fire, the spell of Fira gives a bigger blast of fire.

This Spell allows the user to use a slightly more powerfull water attack, the water produced from this spell can be manipulated, can be made really cold or really hot but cannot kill, Watera can be used as an exploading attack where a burst of water expands rapidly against the enemies body.

This spell allows the user to summon forth a strong gust of wind in order to knock the enemy off balance, the spell can also be used to temprarily remove any oxigen from around the enemies head or from the enemies lungs.

This spell allows the user to split the ground with a localized earth quake, it can also be used up unearth large rocks for the next level of the air branch of spells.


This Spell allows the user to throw a small bolt of lightening, this bolt of lightening is powerfull and can cause fire and in some cases paralize the enemy for a short period of time.

This spell as not changed much from its level 1 version however it can heal minor breaks and larger wounds at this level.

These spells are not only deadly for the enemy but for the user if constant concentration is not maintained

Hellfire Inferno:
This Deadly Spell can only be learned at lvl 100 and requires the user to make a pact with a Great Elemental, only then can this spell be used. This deadly spell allows the user to summon forth the fires of the lowest pit of hell, these fires burn anything in their path and will only go away when the summoner has been killed or loses conciousness, sometimes if the will of the summonor is strong enough demons shall arrise with the fires of hell to give torment to those unlucky enough to stand before them.

Posidons Tsunami:
This Deadly spell can only be learned at lvl 100 and requires the blessing of Posidon himself, only then can this spell be used. This deadly spell allows the user to summon force a wave of destruction created by every ounch of moister in the air and almost every drop of water in the seas, if the user is killed or loses conciousness then the wave will receed back to where it came from, sometimes if the will of the user is strong enough the creatures of the deep will attack all who get caught in this giant wave of water.

Hurricans Destruction:
This Deadly spell can only be learned at lvl 100 and requires a death pact with Death itself, for the main reason that this spell doesn't stop if the user is killed or loses conciousness, it only stops when the magic that was put into it is consumed fully, this spell allows the user to summon forth a great hurrican that is more them capible of ripping up the land itself, the catagory on this spells hurrican would deffinaly be an F10.

Giants Quake:
This Deadly spell can only be learned st lvl 100 and requires an amulet given by the guardians of the sleeping earth Titan, only then can this spell be used. This Deadly spell allows the user to grasp the world in the palm of the users hand, though the user cannot destroy the world this way he or she can inflict horrible damage but only for a sure period of time, the spell only lasts four one minute, in that time the user must locate and destroy the target on the world in his or her hand in order for the spell to work, if it does not work then the magic put into this spell will recoil back upon the user, disfiguring them horribly if not killing them.

there is one other but this spell is so dangerous that not even the most evil of evil would dare use it, it is said that this is the only mistake the Gods have ever made...and its also the only one they cannot undo for this spell is way to powerfull even for them.

This spell cannot be done by one person for it takes eight people to give their lives for this one spell, Anilliation takes all four deadly spells and combines them into a world destroying force that the Gods themselves fear, it takes the life force of eight people that are able to use the four deadly spells, that is another reason this spell has never been cast.

Spell Branchs

Fire Branch
Fire - Fira - Firaga - Fireball - Meteor - Hellfire - Fire Pillor - Inferno - Hellfire Inferno

Water Branch
Water - Watera - Waterga - Waterball - Rain - Flood - Iceage - Frozen Spear - Posidons Tsunami

Earth Branch
Sand - Quake - Rock - Quicksand - Dirt Wall - Mudslide - Entombment - Quake lvl2 - Giants Quake

Lightening Branch
Spark - Thunder - Thundera - Thundaga - Static - Bolt - Electricute - Shock - Zeus' Hand

Heal Branch
Heal - Heal lvl2 - Estona - Purge - Holy - Cure - Cure lvl2 - Revive - Savior

Special Brance
Inferno + Mudslide = Lava - Rain + Static = Zeus' Tears - Rock + Fireball = Ifirts Fist - Frozen Spear + Entombment = Deaths Touch
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Magic spells
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