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 Elven Races

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PostSubject: Elven Races   Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:45 pm

High Elves
are a result of early breeding between Light Elves and Silver Elves. They are known for thier nobility, politics and diplomacey. They are usually fair skinned, gray eyes, gray hair, even at a young age. Height ranges depending on the family.

Oracle Elves
are very similar to healing elves, only appears to stem from a mix of white elves and possibly moon elves. They have very pale, almost illuminescent skin, and appear invisible to those who are not seeking them for questions. They are prophets, and at one time were keepers of the early acesses to the Akashic Records, until most was passed down to faery races. They range from four and a half feet tall to nearly six feet tall.

Raven Elf
are shifter elves known for thier scouting and messanger abilities because they appear to be a mixture of an actual raven and a black elf. Their hair is feathered and they have wings, black eyes, and a beak like nose. They range from three feet to over 5 feet tall.

Tree Elves
are a mix between Earth Elf and Black Elf. They are very anti social and guardians of very large trees. They are shapeshifters, similar to the "dryad" and can appear as a tree. They range from two to twelve feet in heigth!They have brown skin and hair that changes with the leaves of the season.

The Lunar Drow
is a mixture of demon or drow and the moon elf. They have rather dark skin, and by the moon elves, are considered "the dark side of the moon" and call the females the Crones, not by insult, but by respect. Very little is recorded on thier existant, and they are very anti-social.

Sea Elf
is a decendant of the Water Elf. They evolved into a full aquatic creature. They are even more antisocial in nature, and even more 'primitive' in some elves minds. They are rarely seen on the surface and they have lighter green scales, sometimes pink or white, with a little pigment in the eyes and hair. Little is known about them, though some families and tribes of sea elves live along side the Water Elves during the winter.

The Drow is a descendant from early Elves and various Daemons. They are typically with dark skin and dark or light hair, with dark or even violet eyes. They are known to live in the mountains or in caves, but sometimes live in small cities or tribes. It all depends upon the tribe and their ancestry. Many drow are very telepathic, some tribes do not even use their vocal chords except for song and warnings. They are thought to be of a darker nature, due to their daemonic ancestors, though not all drow could be exactly considered such. This classification of elf is very difficult to describe, as ther are hundreds of kinds, and each as different as the next.

Night Elves
The Night Elves are usually very majestic and calm, they gain their power from the night which makes it easier for them to hide in the night, not much else is known on Night Elves.

Blood Elves
Some Blood Elves fight for good but not many for long ago they lusted after the natural power given to all elves and waged war against those who had more then them, finally they were defeated and cast out, stripping them of their magical essence, they now live among other races, shuning nature and the forces of good, their hatered for the other elven races sometimes blinds them in the heat of battle.

Written By Alvertis Delvium
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Elven Races
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