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The Gods

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PostSubject: Application   Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:55 pm

This is the application that ALL new characters must fill out, i know its tedious but it helps us get to know your character better and helps you develope your character more before having them step out into the world of Ened-Kemen.

Name: Whats your characters full name?
Age: How old is your character (remember age varies for each race)
Race: What race is your character?
Powers: What kind of unatural powers does your character have?
Natural Abilities: what type of natural abilities does your character have?
Rank: Admin will fill this in when your character has earned a rank
Family: Who is your characters family? (can be on site or NPC)

Likes: tell us about what your character likes to do or general
  • like 1
  • like 2
  • like 3

Dislikes: what does your character not like to do or general
  • dislike 1
  • dislike 2
  • dislike 3

Personality: what is your character like?

History:what is your characters background?

Dressing style: how do they dress?

Weapons: what weapons do they use or carry

Visual Discription: decribe what they look like, what hasn't been covered by other catagories

Play By: Please provide picture and name Very Happy

OOC contact: this is so admin can contact you if something should happen to the site. please list most convenient method
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