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 In Character Rules

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PostSubject: In Character Rules   Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:28 pm

These are the character rules, if you break one of them once you will have 3000 EXP taken away one of your characters. If you break a rule twice you will have 6000 EXP taken away all your characters. If you break a rule three times you will be deleted from this forum.

  • DO NOT STEAL other players artwork, if you have permission then both players MUST inform The Gods.
  • NO NUMBERS in names, come on seriously is your name really joshua1327? it doesn't happen in real life so it shouldn't happen here.
  • DO NOT use names like "dannyboy" or "sparrowraven" use realistic names.
  • DO NOT godmode/powerplay which means your gonna get hit eventually, your not gonna avoid all damage.
  • NO ALL KNOWING, your character shouldn't know what goes on unless they are directly involved or have been told by another character who was involved.
  • NO OMNIPOTENTENCY which means your character CANNOT be in two places at the same time, we play by fluid time yes but you cannot post as being in Alexandria on march 12th at 10 am icly and be somewhere else icly at the sametime.

These rules are subject to change or more added as the admit and mods see fit.
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In Character Rules
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