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 The Beginning

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The Gods

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PostSubject: The Beginning   Sat May 29, 2010 3:01 pm


In the beginning The Great Gods, sons and daughters of the Titans decided that they would create a ball, this ball amused them through their childhood and when they grew and became adults they came to decide that they would give gifts unto the ball that had provided them with so much amusement, the first Great God give unto this ball a name, he called it Terrascona, the second of the Great Gods wanting to out-do his brother gave unto Terrascona life, he stood proudof his gift but his sister feeling she could do better gave unto Terrascona knowledge, wisdom of all that is good, the fourth Great God feeling she could not outdo his brothers and sister gave instead unto Terrascona time, time to grow and time to reach its full potentional and all agreed that it was good.

The final and fith Great God gave his gift unto Terrascona yet he was jealous of the others and their great gifts, he knew he could not out-do them and this made him anger so his gift to Terrascona was death, evil and plague, evils that should have never touched this wonderfull ball and for this the other four Great Gods exiled the fith from them, they called him Ferasoginilsokovinotebia (fur-ah-so-gin-ill-so-coven-oh-tee-be-yah) which means Foul One, yet they knew his 'gift' could not be taken from Terrascona now but they could guide the life on Terrascona to try to stay away the evil that now dwell among them.


the Foul One having been exiled from his brothers and sister felt anger beyond anything he has ever known and slowly let his pressence slip into Terrascona right under their noses, he began to take shape within Terrascona yet his true self could never invade the world for his power alone would be enough to destroy it -which is something he didn't want to do for he wanted to corrupt his brothers and sisters gifts- he instead placed his will into the pressence he had created in Terrascona.
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The Beginning
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