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The Gods

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PostSubject: Dragons   Wed May 26, 2010 12:01 am

The Dragons are as close to being immortal as one can get without being a God/dess, there are many diffrent kinds but these are the ones i was able to witness for myself upon my travels throught Ened-Kemen

(Picture credited to Laura Resnick
Species: Drake
Upon my travels i grew weary and took a short rest, image my horror and delight when i happend or rather it (i say it for i have yet figure out a way to tell if any dragon is male or female) happend upon me!, i promptly ran for dear life but luckily the large Drake didn't see me and i was able to observe it a bit longer.

Species: Wyvern
I was very fortunate to catch sight of this particular type of Dragon for it is said they tend to avoid humans at all costs, this one however i wasn't so lucky with for it spotted me and i had to do a bit of fancy foot work to escape intact, as you can see the Wyvern doesn't have any fore-legs instead having only two very powerfull back legs.

Species: Shadow Wyvern
I had gotten myself lost after taking the wrong turn on a forked road and unwittingly stumbled upon a Wyvern but what struck me as strange was this one is nothing like any that have been previously seen, this strange beast emits an aura that is pure evil so i have dubbed the reptilian monstrousity "Shadow Wyvern" needless to say i left the creature and the scene as quickly as i possibly could which for my liking and utter disliking of the evil i left behind, was not quick enough.

Species: Rock Dragon
getting lost was quiet a pleasure after all for it had caused me to come to rest on one of the most helpfull Dragon Species of them all, which would be a Rock Dragon, my sitting on the poor creature had awoken it and i had the most delightfull conversation with it about the dragons i have come in contact with already, it did mention something about royalty but was very vaque on that part, i shall continue my travels and perhapes find this royalty one day.

Species: Lurker Dragon
The Dragon king had warned me of such a creature, he said that there are only five lurkers left from the begining...whatever that is...and one was to be found in the cave of woe, unfortionate for myself that is exactly where my travels have taken me, the frightfull creature i had seen only moments before has truely learned me that i have not seen everything the world has to offer...i shall continue my travels and hope to one day...The Gods willing i shall return home to my beloved Alexandria, the beautiful kingdom city.

Species: Wyrm
After my ordeal with the Lurker i thought maybe my luck would change for the better for alas my wishs fell on deft ears for i quickly found myself face to scaley belly to a Wyrm, Legends of the past i had thought to be dead long ago but this one had someone survived while living in the Cave of Woe, how i will never know for i dared not risk my own life to see if this particular wyrm were friendly or not...

Species: Unknown
By The Gods as i live and breath i have found the royalty i heard of months ago from the Rock Dragon, the majesty and grace of this Dragon is by far unmatched by any i have seen!, i dared to speak to him and found him quiet the friendly Dragon and i spent nearly a month with him, this Dragon like others has a name but i myself are unable to uetter it so i shall call him Bahumet, he seems happy with my name for him, over the course of the time i spent with him i learned that the body is not really his but a body willingly given to him upon the death of his old body, by The Gods! this Dragon has come one step closer to the imortality shared only by The Gods! it was a great honor to have met him.

(Picture By rinpoo chuang on Deviant Art)
Species: Chaos Dragon
I have little sympathy for these evil brutes for they cause pain and destruction where ever they are and i had the most distinct misfortune to come across one not far from Glendale Forest, luckily the foul creature was merely flying overhead and not landing for its said that when it does land the very dirt it stands upon is currupted and cursed.

Species: Black Wyrm
I encountered this unsightfull chap about a week after i had the bad luck of spotting the Chaos Dragon...seems even by being touched by the shadow brings bad luck..either way this fellow emits the same evil aura as the Chaos Dragon and the Shadow Wyvern, i'm beginning to think that there is a connection between the three.

Species: Hydra
I had heard tales that such a Dragon exsisted, i had also heard thats that some have wings, some live in water and their heads range from 3 to 6, also that each head has its own brain, personality, wants, needs and desires, but i wasn't going to get to close to the creature to ask if the myths were true or not, i may be a man of knowledge but i'm not one so much to risk my own life in the persuit of it.

(Picture By ANARKYMAN on Deviant Art)
Species: Unknown
By The Gods! what is that horrid stentch?!.......and that howling moaning growl...i shall investigate this...................I have found the scrce of the unearthly stentch and the growling, it appears to be a Dragon of some kind, the rotting fleash makes it hard to tell, but i can tell that this Dragon is suppose to be dead....but is not....may The Gods help us if whatever created this...this thing shall ever be let loose upon Ened-Kemen

Species: Unknown
After sneaking away the sleeping undead dragon i thought myself safe but alas my luck is never that good for i discover what has made that unfortunate creature, the Dragon -as least i think its a dragon- before me hasn't noticed my pressence yet but lets hope it doesn't at all, from what i can see the very ground it stands on is rotting away as if days and days of decay were happening instantly, i nearly lose my lunch over such a sight and narrowly escape before being discovered.

These are only a few of the Dragons known and some unknown to Ened-Kemen, i have decided to send my journal and sketchs to Alezandria to be published so others may know of this, hopwfully i shall have more for the masses soon...
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